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Make-up Sex

Dianne Franc

Produced by: TH8A (Blue Town Syndicate)

There’s no rhyme or reason on the ways I love you…

Back in my life here you go again/Calling out my name, driving me insane/I don’t get it either why we fight like cray/When we kiss, make-up at the end of the day/Baby you and I, we are gonna fly/When you run your hands on me starting from my thighs/And I don’t mind, what people say/Coz they don’t know where we’ve been babe.


There’s no rhyme or reason, there’s no rhyme or reason/On the ways I love you

Rap Verse:

You intoxicate me like ale/Leaving me breathless I can’t exhale/Sensational that’s what you are/Your gravitational pull draw all the stars in our bed when you give me a head/oh hello when you turn my room into a Xanadu as you tickle all my senses/Im dropping my defenses/Im making all the noises that you want/Coz baby I can’t help it when you’re a savant/Giving me pleasure that I can’t even measure the phantasmagoria/unbelievable euphoria/Staggered in days/We’re like in a maze/Whenever we fight coition ignites to the highest of heights boo/You better turn out the lights

Repeat Hook

No rhyme, no rhyme, no reason no rhyme/No ryhme, no rhyme no reason no rhyme/riddle me this and riddle me that/They can never understand what we got.


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New Artist Update

Blue Town Syndicate would like to introduce you to our new artist- singer/songwriter and female mc- Dianne Franc. She started recording with us back in February with her new single Virtual Love Affair that was released last March 26 of this year. Get to know more of her here and stay tuned for more music and update on our new artist.

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The website is still under construction for now but you can check out Dianne Franc’s music at our online Blue Town Syndicate store!